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The Barer of (Real) Bad News

Greetings to all my beautiful friends and family... I hate to be the barer of bad news, but it is with a heavy (yet optimistic and ready to rock) heart that I update you all on the recent discoveries regarding my health.

Since last February, I've been experiencing some incredible pains in my abdomen and stomach along with a lot of naseau, heartburn, vomitting, weight loss (how is that possible? I know) and virtually no appetite. After finally getting some health insurance, and a swift kick in the ass from my loved ones for waiting so long, I went to the Dr. last month.

Long story short, last Friday (1/10/20 aka my brother and sister's bday) I found out I have stomach cancer. At 27, it's highly uncommon but nonetheless it's in there. Straub Medical has some amazing men and women working behind us to fix me up. Tomorrow I will undergo a surgery removing the majority of my stomach along with the tumors in their entirety. After a week in the hospital and 4-6 weeks recovering at home, it'll be time to get back out and continue groovin'.

I am painfully aware of how tight money is these days for everyone, but anything that you can spare ~ even if it's a prayer ~ is incredibly appreciated by myself, and the entire Budgell crew.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm far too stubborn to let something like this stop us from getting where we're going, so don't worry my friends... We are going to be just fine. With the love and support I have in my corner along with the amazing medical team that has my back, we'll be jammin' in no time.

Much love and the deepest of thank you's to anyone who can spread my message. To everyone, I love you and I can't wait to share my progress through recovery <3

Mahalo my loves


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