Aloha, my friends.

My name is Matthew Budgell,

 but you can call me Budge.

Life is absolutely beautiful. 

Even then, at times, it can be incredibly challenging. 

My mission is simple; to empower, inspire, and enable others to create and further explore their own path to a fulfilled life. 

A Slice of my Story

My whole life, I've been blessed to collect experiences and create beautiful memories with people from all over the world.


When I was 18, the New York Mets called my name in the 2011 MLB draft. I had no idea of the decade-long roller coaster I was about to ride, topped off with an 18 month journey through cancer. After a few short years, I was burnt out, and living in a world of darkness. My heart wasn't happy playing baseball anymore. Not to mention, I was a mess. I was partying out of control, running from the reality that would soon catch up to me, and heading down a path that nobody wants to go down. I had a major realization that threw me into a nearly ten-year journey of self discovery:


"How can I ever be a Big League pitcher if I can't be a Big League human first?" I couldn't.

When I made the initial decision to quit professional baseball, everyone and their mother had something to say about how I was "throwing my life away." When I walked away, there was only one person who had my back.

Thank you, Mom.

For the next ten years, I would grow in ways I never imagined. After some failed relationships, legal issues, skewed words from media outlets, a bankruptcy, battles with substance abuse and addictions, financial struggles, dozens of jobs and unsuccessful business ventures, family traumas, and ultimately, after my journey through stomach cancer...


I have had a lot of opportunity to grow.


How was I able to marry the love of my life - who is the best thing that has ever happened to me - and  create a beautiful nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for, supporting and serving the AYA cancer community, and establish multiple lines of business just a couple months after completing treatments? I like to think it's the result of a lot of years full of hard work, growing pains, and never giving up. If you learn from failure, you never truly lose. 

It's become very clear to me that our connections with our own self, along with the connections we have with our planet and those around us, are literally the foundation that we build our lives on. As a part of my journey, I have found it is my purpose to help others who are on their own journey in life, in search of something deeper.


Let's dive in. 

Why do I do what I do?

Short answer; I love people.

Not-so-short answer; Because it warms my heart and soul to watch people grow within themselves, and to see that growth translate in their everyday lives. I am very aware of how challenging life can be, and I know all about the obstacles that can get between where we are, and where we want to be. In my opinion, if you have unlocked the doors to maintaining happiness, even in the darkest hours imaginable - and you're in a position to share that value - it is your responsibility to do so.


Over time, I've learned that there is a power that exists within all of us that is far greater than we understand. That power has been the key to my happiness, despite what messes I have created for myself, or what challenges life has thrown my way.


It's the power of love and gratitude. When we channel it correctly, it allows us to create and maintain beautiful relationships with ourselves, and the ones we care about most, it allows us to see the world with more color than we've ever seen before, it gives us strength to overcome the "impossible," and it guides us in the direction of our soul's desires. 


Life can be difficult at times; adversity is inevitable. We need to truly understand in our core that no matter what life throws our way, we can handle it, especially with love and gratitude on our side. At times, we make Life more difficult than it needs to be. On the other side of it, sometimes Life just hits us out of nowhere. How we respond and learn to react in the face of adversity, in any form, is the name of the game.


Love, gratitude, communication, understanding, pain, self-belief, passion, and persistence are all parts of the recipe.

How I Started Coaching

Before cancer, my advice was sought after, but only my friends and family. I've been around the block a time or two, and have lived more life in 28 years than a lot do in 82. Upon a bit of word traveling regarding my story this year, that quickly changed. For some strange reason, my advice has become much more desirable since my experience with cancer, but the messages have always remained constant; be a good person, believe in yourself, and never give up on yourself. Upon returning home to Oahu in July, I continued receiving DM's daily about getting together with people to share my story, listen to stories, and share any advice I may have on subjects ranging from relationship advice, to consultations on passion projects, and people looking for a bit of light to help them get out of the rut they were currently in. I help friends and strangers grow in their personal lives, which always reflects in their professional careers. 

The kindness of my heart wants to help everyone I can. That is exactly why my wife and I created The Love for Life Foundation. As wonderful as that is, it does not bring any income in for my wife and I to pay our own bills. That being said, I came to the realization that if I make more money, I can help more people. Simple, right? A few of my closest and most respected peers approached me, at separate times, all regarding how much time and energy I was giving away free advice to people, on top of the work we are doing around the clock for the foundation. Some of these people were experiencing improvements in their relationships, and others who were capitalizing on it financially in their own lives as well.


If I have learned anything this year, it is that our time is one of the most precious resources we have, right next to our love and energy, connections, and money. For those reasons, I decided to graduate. While I still provide tons of free content and quirks via social media, I have made myself available to go deep and teach what I have learned to those who are interested in beginning, or continuing their pursuit.

When I help you drastically improve your life in a matter of a few months or less, you will laugh at the idea of ever questioning whether investing in your personal growth and was worth it or not. It always is.

Stay Grüvy

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